Online Belt Selection and Calculation tools make Habasit the obvious choice

With the move to digitalization in business, it is becoming more evident that customers want a more convenient way of doing business with trading partners these days.

Habasit offers a range of online selection and calculation tools to assist clients in not only selecting the right belt for their application but also a Habasit calculation programme to evaluate application cases and select the best fit for their conveyor design.

Belt Selector

Belt Selector is a specially designed tool by Habasit to select Habasit fabric conveyor belts based on many different criteria. Once the client enters the criteria available and hits “search” a range of belts based on that criteria will be suggested. Based on these suggestions, clients can click on the data sheets to review the specifications of the belts to see which one suits their requirements or application best.

Belt Selector can be found using the following link or visiting the Habasit website at


SeleCalc belt selection and calculation tool is also a unique Habasit designed engineering programme created by the Habasit application engineering team. SeleCalc offers a tailored programme to evaluate customer applications and select the best fit for their conveyor design. The following products are supported in SeleCalc:

  • Conveyor Belts
  • Power Transmission Belts
  • Timing Belts
  • Plastic Modular Belts
  • Chains

The SeleCalc programme requires registration to get access and this can be found at the following link or the Habasit website at

Chemical Resistance Tool

Habasit also offers a Chemical Resistance tool to assist clients in confirming chemical resistance of Habasit belts to selected chemicals. This allows customers to find suitable products that fulfil their chemical requirements.

The chemical resistance tool can be found at the following link or on the Habasit website at

Habasit Knowledge Bag

Habasit sales personnel are all equipped with an iPad which features a unique programme called “Habasit Knowledge Bag.” This proprietary app has a wealth of knowledge available to the experienced Habasit sales person to assist in providing a first class solution for Habasit’s customer needs. Invaluable in the field to quickly resolve application needs of our clients, this is another example of Habasit using digitalization to provide a service second to none.

Wilfred KrogHead of Sales and Marketing

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