Plastic Modular Belts ensure Safe, Clean and Efficient Processes

Innovation and process improvements in industrial food production, especially sensitive processes in the protein industry, requires advanced technologies and equipment able to cope with today’s major challenges: optimizing efficiency, reducing downtime, higher yield demands, and hygiene and food legislation requirements. This equipment is also expected to improve cleaning efficiency and sanitation – all with the ultimate aim of providing safe food at a reasonable cost. Conveyor belts are a critical component of these requirements and standards since they are in direct contact with unwrapped food during most of the manufacturing process.

With this in mind, Habasit has developed a broad range of conveyor and processing belts that allows customers to choose the best solution for every application. Habasit solutions comply with all applicable food contact legislation (FDA and EU), and many of our products meet USDA Meat and Poultry requirements.

HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts
Advantageous in numerous food applications, the HabasitLINK®­ Plastic modular belt is an aggregation of individual plastic modules (injection moulded), which are connected by lateral rods. The brick lay pattern of modules creates a robust construction for reliable and efficient conveying. Plastic modular belts eliminate the need for high-tension systems by positively engaging the sprocket with the running belt and maintaining proper belt tracking.

Sprockets and Rods
Injection-moulded sprockets have a specific open design that allows easy access for cleaning across the width of the conveyor shafts. Wear-resistant materials secure a long lifet ime in all applications. The full-width rods ensure belt connection and lateral stiffness. HabasitLINK® modular belts come with two rod solutions, depending on the belt type: Smart Fit and Snap Fit.

Habasit modular belts are available with a variety of state-of-the-art properties. We offer special food-approved materials, such as detectable, submersible, anti-microbial or cut-resistant materials. Additionally, Habasit produces modules for special impact as well as high and super-high temperature range s.

A wide range of modular belt accessories including cleats, flights, scoops, side guards, finger transfer plates, and hold-down tabs for elevators with back bending (Z-conveyors), as well as HabiPLAST® guide rails, ensures best-fitting belting solutions for your meat processing.

Surface Structure Available

HabasitLINK® modular belts are available in a number of different surface structures to suit your specific requirement.

Habasit Saniclip for HabasitLINK® plastic modular belts

The Habasit Saniclip is an innovative rod removal system designed for applications where frequent belt sanitation is required. Habasit Saniclip has a tactile, non-slip surface for easy removal in wet or greasy environments. Multiple Habasit Saniclips can be installed on a single belt to allow an easy opening at several locations.

Users enjoy the following benefits:

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