Habasit innovative solution smoothly transitions industry change

Habasit Eff-Line Energy Saving range of belting has been greatly received at local airports across Australia & New Zealand since its introduction, to the point where it has become the belt of choice at major international airports.

The specially developed impregnation system dramatically lowers the sliding co-efficient of friction of the belts whilst at the same time markedly increasing overall durability.

Habasit Eff-Line belting has allowed customers to reduce their running costs not only by saving up to 45% energy, but also through longer belt lifetime, ultimately having fewer belt replacements.

However, Habasit’s innovative approach has assisted a major international airport in improving luggage transfer by lining transfer chutes with the Habasit NNT-10ELVV-E6
Eff-Line product.

This is not how conveyor belts are traditionally utilised but given the low sliding friction and durability of the conveyor belt, it proved the ideal solution for smooth transfer of luggage, especially for those wrapped in the ever so gripping PVC style plastic wrap being used more and more as part of upscaling security measures.

Since the installation of the Habasit Eff-Line product the staff have reported a dramatic reduction in luggage jam ups, allowing for a much more efficient luggage delivery at the airport.

Wilfred Krog Head of Sales & Marketing
– Australia & NZ

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